To learn a language fluently as fast and efficient as possible, you need to use it on a daily basis. This is why all our education centers are based in countries in which the language you want to learn is spoken. Your teachers are all speaking the language they teach as their native language and you will quickly develop the basic vocabulary needed to communicate with locals.

On some type of courses, it is possible to begin studying the week after you have submitted your application, while you need to submit your application at least 1 month in advance for our full-term-programs. Also, if you need help applying for a CSN (for Swedish students) we need to complete your application at least 2 months in advance in order for you to receive your scholarship in time before your course begin. We always recommend that you apply as much in advance as possible as available seats always are limited.

Naturally this depends on the language you want to learn, but if you want to refresh a language you already know or if you want to develop your skills as a language-teacher, shorter courses may be useful. If you want to start learning a new language however, we do not recommended studies of less that 4 weeks as it takes time to develop a basic vocabulary. We offer courses from 2 weeks up to a full year. Most of our students’ study with us for one or two full terms, but get in touch if you want to study for a shorter period.

On most of our courses there are no special requirements other than a willingness and curiosity to learn a new language. In fact, we even include a short online introduction course to get you prepared to learn a new language.  On all our language centers throughout the World we divide students into separate classes depending on prior knowledge. On your very first day you will complete a simple placement test in order to decide which class is correct for you. On some of our academic courses, offered in corporation with foreign universities, there might be additional academic requirements which is then stated in the relevant course description.

On most education centers the standard courses last 20 hours per week and on intensive courses additionally 5-10 hours per week. We have carefully selected schools and universities of very high standard, to ensure that your teachers are professionals who understand how to balance different teaching styles to fit the diverse needs of the students in the class. We are constantly evaluating and improving teaching methods and materials – when needed teachers will add additional exercises to address specific needs in the student group. On most learning centers, each day will be divided into classes focusing on grammatical understanding and practicing conversation skills. During grammatical classes, visual aid as whiteboard and projector will be used while group dynamics and intercultural understanding will be to focus on conversation sessions.

We are not a travel agency but focus our energy on offering the best quality in language education for you. We recommend that you book plane tickets through or similar services and accommodation is not included in the course fee. Some learning centers might offer different types of accommodation locally (which you will then be able to book directly with the school after you have been accepted as a student) and on our full-term courses we try to help by connecting students. Many students share apartments rented locally or through AirBNB.

Most of our standard courses are open to adults above 17 years of age (you have to be at least 18 years old to submit your application). We even offer courses for senior students (65+) and sometimes summer-camps for teenagers under 18 years. Our education centers always strive to achieve age and gender diversity in all classes.

We are one of few highly specialized language education agencies working to ensure high quality in your education abroad. As a team of passionate language geeks during years of experience we have gathered a deep knowledge about how each school actually teach students in their class rooms. This insight allows us to match you, not only with one of the best schools or universities but the one most suitable to you and your unique learning style. Additionally, all our students get access to our online preparation course, teaching you how to get the most out of your experience abroad. The price you pay is never higher than the price the language center would charge, if you had booked directly. In other words, you get all of this for free.