We Travel The World for You

To ensure highest possible educational quality, we have been visiting and evaluated a large number of Schools and Universities throughout Spain and Latin America and only the very best were selected. As a GoMezzo student you are guaranteed to learn from passionated educated and experienced teachers who understand how to customise training to suit You and your classmates.  

We continue to verify and improve the quality of education together with our students and our learning centers around the World. We represent both very famous brands but a also smaller local schools – the focus for us is not prestige, but impressive quality in language education. This is also the reason why You will find that even though we work with some big brands all of their schools might not be on our list of preferred learning centers. All our schools are accredited by Instituto Cervantes as a minimum but most schools have several additional credentials. Universities and deleted private institutes reward students with ECTS credits. 

You never pay any extra fees when you book your education trough GoMezzo, but you will get a lot of added benefits:

  • 1. You will get access to our full knowledge and experience. We have all studied abroad and know the challenge very well. With GoMezzo you will always have a learning partner backing you up. 
  • 2. Our pre-learning material developed to allow you to prepare before your studies abroad to make the very most out of your investment. To us it is natural to get you ready to grow your skills fast and with full confidence. 
  • 3. Support always! We assist our students like no-one else in the industry. During your studies abroad we will continue to provide you with tips and tools to grow your skills faster than other students.

Feel free to ask any questions in our online chat down on the right side of this page or why not book an online meeting with one of us. We are here for you both before, during and after your studies. 

Welcome to the GoMezzo Student Family.

Thomas Secher, Chief Executive Officer

Currently recommended language centers in Spain are located in: Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca, Sevilla and Valencia.

Additionally, You will also find our schools in Latin America in: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPlaya Del Carmen & Oaxaca, MexicoSanto Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica and Bogota, Colombia.

If you are an expat living in Spain looking for a language school close to you, we also represent some additional local schools in Spain, but be aware that they haven’t passed our highest evaluations. Please contact us for further information.